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Vibing Paperback

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  • When my bestie dragged me to the Caribbean after an ill-fated karaoke incident went viral, flushing my carefully laid plains down the drain, I jumped at the opportunity to run away for two weeks. Poppy had always been my rock, so following her here was a no-brainer. But as usual on the Penny & Poppy show, she failed to mention a few tiny details. Or in this case, a pretty big one.


    DIYing, teaching, and having a spreadsheet for every occasion were so my jam. 

    Social media management, engagement, and loving the limelight, on the other hand, were definitely not in my wheelhouse. 


    So, finding myself on an island as part of some social media experiment, not my idea of a vacation! But as usual, Poppy landed me in a cluster and I had to make do. It helped that there were three guys who made my insides turn to goo. 


    Aspen-the thoughtful and caring musician. 

    Cooper-the friendly and playful athlete. 

    Rafe-the sensitive and charming stranger. 


    Sunscreen, contests, and a legendary DIY list, turned this two-week getaway into a vacation of a lifetime—tan lines not included. 


    And to think, it all started because of a vibe.


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